“Create a Fully-Featured Website or an Online Store on Our Amazon Cloud Powered Hosting Platforms Without Wasting a Fortune in Monthly Recurring Payments or Order Processing Fees”

Launch a Custom eCommerce or Dropshipping Store, Create a Mobile Responsive Website in Minutes. Use It For Yourself or Your Clients.

  • Launch and host a fully-featured eCommerce store and a mobile responsive website
  • Add a custom domain and branding
  • Host UNLIMITED pages on your website
  • Sell UNLIMITED products from your stores
  • Hosting, security, automatic backups, and updates are included
  • Simple to use interface with a centralized dashboard
  • Receive 24/7 email support and documentation

There Are no Additional Plugins, Extra Features, or Apps to Buy from Us. All The Premium Features - EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED!

Get Instant Access to The DashNex PowerTech Now

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One time payment (Normally $486 per year)

  • Web-based. No installation or download required.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Zero risks. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Here is what some of our customers are saying...

Levi George
Philadelphia, US

"Instant eCom Store is the best eCom platform I have worked with. It allows you to get up and running fast. You can offer coupons and other incentives to precede visitors to buy, and it's loaded with features. Take it for a test drive and see for yourself. If you have been using other eCom platforms before, Instant eCom Store might blow your mind."

Steve Brown
Swansea, UK

Been on Instant eCom Store since August, started with nothing. Eventually found a product that produced sales. I want to emphasize here that it's the bundles feature along with private offers in the Instant eCom Store that made all the difference for me. Couldn't have done it with other platforms."

Dear Business Owner,

Peter Garety here. I’m the CEO of DashNex, where it’s our mission to help YOU simplify technology and processes...

...so that you can focus on what’s most important for your online business:


You see, when I started my online business over a decade ago, I didn't know anything that's required to run it EFFICIENTLY.

So I made the most critical mistake that the majority of business owners still make today when trying to establish their online business. And that is:

I wasted years on website setup and configurations.

I was continually trying to improve it by investing more time and resources into different plugins, themes, and designs.

I was doing countless activities and wasted so many resources that contributed precisely zero to the results of my business.

But now, over a decade later and after serving 50,000 people that are using my products today, if there is one thing I have learned it's this:

"Your online business thrives only when you sell your products or services, and people buy them. Everything else is secondary."

And when you accept this truth, you quickly realize that the so-called "Secret of Success Online" comes down to your ability to turn an idea to a sellable product or service as quickly as possible.

SPEED and SIMPLICITY are what separates success from failure today.

Those who can navigate the complexity and move fast, get results.

Others just watch.

If you want to move fast, today, we are giving a limited-time opportunity for you to seriously supercharge your online business.

It will allow you to turn more of your ideas to sellable products or services online than you ever thought possible.


DashNex PowerTech

With DashNex PowerTech, you're getting access to two web-based platforms that are essential to quickly turn more of your ideas to sellable products or services online.

Both platforms are designed with the SPEED, SIMPLICITY, and CONVERSIONS in mind so that you don't waste time and resources on additional tools, plugins, or applications.


On DashNex Pages platform, you can launch and host any kind of mobile responsive, lightning-fast website, including, but not limited to:

  • Local business website
  • Personal - freelancer website
  • A special event website
  • Affiliate marketing website
  • Lead generation & sales website
  • Webinar registration website
  • And many more.

With the Instant eCom Store platform, you can launch and host a high converting eCommerce store to sell any kind of physical products, including, but not limited to:

  • Dropshipping products from AliExpress
  • Dropshipping products from other suppliers
  • T-shirts, mugs, bracelets
  • Merchandize products of your brand
  • Products from a local business store
  • And many more.


Here is what some of our customers are saying about the setup...

Limited Time Special Offer - Dashnex PowerTech for One Time Fee!

Buy Now ($17)

One time payment (Normally $486 per year)

  • Web-based. No installation or download required.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Zero risks. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Unlimited, Mobile-responsive Pages

Never worry about the SIZE. Focus on results. Whether it’s a single lead generation page or a 100+ page website, we got you covered - host unlimited HTML pages on any of your websites.

Unlimited Redirect Pages

Whether it’s an affiliate link underneath your video on YouTube or a link you want to track with your social media post, our redirect feature will take care of that.

Unlimited Traffic & Leads

Expecting 10,000 or 100,000 visitors in a single day? Want to run a high profile sweepstake campaign with thousands of leads? Awesome! That’s what DashNex Pages is designed for.

Unlimited Sweepstake Campaigns

Without a doubt, a sweepstake is one of the most effective lead generation and brand awareness campaigns that you can run for your business. Don’t wait for a second - go ahead and launch it today!

Dynamic Thank You Pages

Regardless of your business, lead generation and customer acquisition is the core of it. Dynamic Thank You Pages makes that process fast and simple.

Automatic Digital Product Delivery

Typical lead generation campaign involves some form of a gift - a PDF, an eBook, software, video, audio or sometimes even an entire training program. Just drag & drop your files in your campaign funnel and we will automatically deliver them to your leads.

1-Click Page Cloning

Whether it’s an A/B split test to improve conversions or you want to use a preconfigured template for your next page, 1-Click Page Cloning feature makes it super simple.

Easy Optins Boxes

Create a custom opt-in box, connect it with your favorite autoresponder and use it on any page on your website to capture leads. It’s the simplest way to make every visitor count.

Deep Integration with TOP Autoresponders

While DashNex Pages will work with any autoresponder that provides HTML opt-in forms, we have developed a deep integration with TOP autoresponders to make sure you can maximize results through tagging and automation.

Secure SSL for All Your Domains

Today SSL is not optional. It’s a must for every single website. That’s why our system provides an SSL for your domains by default.

Automatic Security, Backup and Updates

Dashnex Pages is built on Amazon Cloud infrastructure, so every single website is bound to highest level security, automatic backup systems and we take care of all the updates and maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about the technical side at all.

Robust Source File Hostings

With DashNex Pages, you can upload unlimited images, CSS, and other source files directly to your domain. Just drag & drop files into the source hosting section, and they will automatically be available for any page on your website.


Launch High Converting Store In Minutes

It takes minutes to launch a fully optimized store. No plugins. No apps. No developer required.

Zero Transaction Fees

We don’t charge any transaction fees. Easily integrate with your Stripe or PayPal account and start selling in minutes.

Sell Unlimited Physical Products

Whether you want to sell a single product or 10,000 products, you can do that.

Unlimited Product Import from Aliexpress

Want to dropship products directly from AliExpress? Perfect. We provide a Chrome extension that allows you to import unlimited products with 1-click fulfillment ability.

1-Click Post Purchase Upsells

Build a custom 1-click post-purchase upsell or enable our in-house developed DoubleIT upsell for the entire store to maximize your AVO.

Built-in Abandoned Cart System

Use a drag & drop campaign builder to create customized follow-up campaigns or just enable our pre-written sequence to recover more orders.

Directly-To-Checkout System

Are you using the free + shipping model? If that’s the case, our Directly-To- Checkout function is going to help you to convert more visitors to buyers.

Conversion System

Dynamic free shipping bar, signify and countdown discount code in the cart are just a few features that will automatically maximize conversions on your store.

Private Offer Pages

Create special offers or bundles to get higher AOV with your store. Maximize revenue from past visitors or email subscribers.

Multi-Currency Converter

Regardless of the visitor location, you can automatically display price in his local currency.


Create all kinds of different promo codes so that you can maximize results with all the various traffic sources that you use.

Global and Private Timers with Progress Bar

Conversion is the key, which is why you can use different built-in timers to increase the scarcity on your product pages and sell more.

With The DashNex PowerTech

You Can Seriously Supercharge Your Online Business and Turn More of Your Ideas to An Online Businesses Faster Than Ever Before!

With DashNex PowerTech you get absolutely everything. There are no plugins, apps, extension, or some other hidden wallet-draining components that you have to pay extra for.

We’ve invested over $1,5 million since 2016 in development of these platforms…

Above screenshot is from the UpWork. It's just one of the platforms we use to hire talent that works in DashNex.

And I’m not sharing this to brag about it.

I’m sharing this to assure you that DashNex PowerTech is here for a long-haul.

These are not some fly-by platforms that are developed yesterday and just for the launch.

No. These are platforms that we use to run our own online business.

In fact, this exact page that you’re on right now is hosted on one of the platforms that you’ll be getting today - DashNex Pages.

Therefore, you can be sure that DashNex PowerTech is something you can confidently use today or anytime in the future.


#2: Fully featured, single store license on the Instant eCom Store platform:

  • Launch a high converting eCommerce store on a custom subdomain or add your own domain (SSL included)
  • No transaction fees for external payment gateways (PayPal or Stripe)
  • SELL UNLIMITED physical products from your store
  • UNLIMITED product import and fulfillment from AliExpress
  • Automatic, store-wide multi-currency converter
  • UNLIMITED 1-Click or store-wide DoubleIt post-purchase upsells
  • UNLIMITED, customizable abandoned cart follow-ups with drag & drop campaign builder
  • Directly to checkout system, designed for free+shipping business model
  • Dynamic free shipping top bar
  • Automatic, store-wide multi-currency converter
  • Countdown discount code in the cart
  • Global or private countdown timers with a progress bar
  • Private OFFER pages and many more tools that help you to generate more sales
  • Hosting, backups and updates are all included.
  • UNLIMITED technical support via in-app messenger and email

Get Instant Access to The DashNex PowerTech Now

Buy Now ($17)

One time payment (Normally $486 per year)

  • Web-based. No installation or download required.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Zero risks. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Here is more of what some of our customers are saying...

Special Offer


Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely not. You can use DashNex PowerTech software, build websites, and sell products from anywhere in the world. In fact, 30-40% of our customers come from outside of the US.

ZERO. None. DashNex doesn't charge a single dime for order processing.

You only pay the defined payment processing fees by your merchant providers, such as PayPal or Stripe.

Yes. You get a 100% ownership of the store or website that you create on our platform.

Yes. You can sell or simply transfer ownership of your store or website at any moment.

Just submit a transfer request to our support, and we will take care of the rest.

Yes, absolutely. Dashnex PowerTech platforms are built on Amazon Cloud infrastructure, so you don't need to worry about the technical side at all.

Your website and store will be using the best hosting systems in the world, with automatic backups and maintenance and 99.5% uptime.

Absolutely. You can use any domain that you own, and we also give you a free subdomain for your store and website on our domain.

Yes, absolutely. Just one thing - if you intend to buy and refund without properly trying it, please don't do it.

But if during the first 30-days you build a website or store, and you discover that DashNex Power Tech doesn't live up to your expectations, please email us to support(at)dashnex.com, and we will refund your purchase.

P.S. This is a limited time special offer. We reserve the right to remove or change this offer at any time. Take advantage of this exclusive deal today.
  • Web-based. No installation or download required.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Zero risks. 100% 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Special Offer