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Pick a name for your website

A website is how you represent your business to the world. Just pick a name, and we will give you a unique web address, so you can organize all your pages, add custom branding and track everything for a particular business under a single domain.


Select a template and customize the style

Pick one of the 25+ templates in our library and go with our pre-de?ned styles or customize everything: fonts, sizes, colors, backgrounds and more. There is no limit to what you can accomplish with the options that you get with our customization wizard. And the best part is that it's simple to use.



Provide page content and giveaway gift

The main title, sub-title, cover image or video, call to action button are just a few things that are required to launch a high converting lead generation page. Next, add a few sentences to the dynamic thank you page, upload your digital giveaway to our platform, and your content part is ready.


Hook it up with your favorite autoresponder

Adding opt-in form from your favorite autoresponder is as simple as copy & paste the code. Or you can go deep with some of the top autoresponders, so you can achieve more with every single lead that opt-ins to your list. We LOVE automation!



Publish your page and start sending traffic

Get the SEO juice ?owing by adding meta tags to your page, add extra scripts for traf?c if needed, enter the permalink that you want for the page and hit the publish button.

Congratulations! Your page is ready for traffic and leads!

With DashNex Pages, it takes 5 minutes or less from the moment you sign up to the moment you can start sending traffic and collect leads.

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